Monday, December 2, 2013

A pixie cut? What?!

When I woke up today I had long, luscious, and not-so-healthy hair. It's been dyed and fried quite a few times over the past year and honestly, I was just tired of letting it sit on my head. I had no will or energy to really style it and trying to mess around with french braid up-dos and the like was just frustrating. 

So at around 3 pm I skedaddled over to the Model College of Hair Design (just a mere two blocks from my apt.) and asked for a hair cut. My stylist was a junior student named Amber who was REALLY nervous about hacking off so much length. So she had a couple of senior stylists watch over and help out from time to time. Overall, the entire process took about forty-five minutes to an hour. But there was shampooing and styling involved so ....can't complain.

Pardon the face, I was being silly and this one showed off the layers in the best possible angle. I got myself a pixie cut. It's really really short in the back (clipper length 6 short!) and there are some layered bangs in the front. Overall, I really dig it. 

I had an audience of about seven people during this haircut and they were all super thrilled about how cute a style it was, how well it suited my bone structure, and that I kind of looked like a model. A super ego boost, that's for sure.

My head feels a lot lighter (duh!) and I'm still getting used to it, but I'm happy with this decision and if I ever need a touch-up I know where I'll be going for it! 


  1. Jealous! I've been thinking majorly of getting a pixie cut (super feminine, Liza Minnelli style) but you beat me to it. But you look amazing! Such a simple haircut can made everything look fabulous!

  2. It turned out lovely! The short pixie cut really shows your beautiful face.

  3. Makes your beautiful eyes really noticeable now - good choice!

  4. Wow, I adore that collar! The pixie cut suits you really well too! They don't suit me, make my head look weirdly big and stand up every which way even if you put half a pot of gel in it, ha ha. Long hair is actually easier for me! But it looks great on you! Hope it isn't creepy commenting on all these posts, I am enjoying catching up! This is a great blog!