Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween - warning: picture heavy!

Last weekend, my mom hosted a small Halloween party for some family and friends. I used it as a grand opportunity to doll up to my Gothy best, but before all that:

On Halloween proper - I dressed up in one of my favorite Bodyline pieces and went to class. I got a lot of compliments on my "Halloween outfit" - no one called it a costume. ^_^ After that, the boy and I went up to JoAnn fabrics to pick up supplies for his costume. It took us a while - I can't believe how busy that place was on a weekday.

We spent most of Friday putting together costumes, messing with last minute decorations, and planning games. I made a rather interesting drinking board game.

Saturday morning came and went. We got ourselves dressed up and bustled around the kitchen getting the food ready. It was hectic and stressful, but in the end it all paid off!

Hat - Target
Blouse - thrifted
Skirt - Bodyline
Tights - DEB
Boots - thrifted

Hat - Modified Bodyline
Coat - Punk Rave

Mask - Walmart
Shirt - thrifted

Overall I had a pretty good time and got pretty hammered. I don't drink that much so it was kind of nice to do it in the company of people I enjoyed being around. Cleanup was kind of a pain, but we managed to get the food put away before crashing.

And the best part  -  no hangover!

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  1. Your party looked like lots of fun, and I think that costume really suited you. The top-hat was kind of voodoo-like :)

  2. I love both your outfits! The lolita one is so pretty, I love how you paired the black frilly dress with striped tights. And the second one was so elegant and witchy :) plus that hat is gorgeous.

    1. I adore stripes so I thought the tights were a great touch!

  3. I really like those skeleton lights! I have never seen any like that in Australia. Maybe I just haven't looked hard enough! I love your outfits, I love my black bodyline dress too, I wore it for Christmas when we had a nice cool change in the horribly hot, un-Christmasy weather.

    That cat wtih bat wings is ridiculously cute! Gothcat!