Monday, November 11, 2013

Do not go Gentle into that Good Night

You know that feeling you get when you have a TON of homework piling up and a lot of studying to do and you JUST don't feel like doing it? Yeah - I'm having that issue right now. So I'm on Youtube watching gaming videos and rearranging my living room. Yes. It's nearly 9 pm and I'm moving my furniture around. Good gods.

But maybe a visual change will be a good thing. I'm trying to make some major changes in my life - get my shit together and back on the wagon. I have plans. I set goals. I need to remember them and why I'm here. I can't keep slacking off and just letting it all slip away. I can't just sleep away my life or hide in this apartment forever. Nothing will change and it's not very productive.

So I'm making changes. I want to be a better person. A better friend. A better student, etc. And it's gonna be a hard road out, but I plan to face my depression and anxiety issues head-on. I CAN conquer this. I CAN handle this. I CAN rise above. I just have to believe that.

I stopped seeing my counselor. The whole process really wasn't helping me much. I know what I need to do - constantly reiterating in front of some trained professional isn't going to help. I just have to get out there and DO what I know I need to do.

So bare with me - I'm coming out of the tail end of an identity crisis.


  1. I know what you mean. I have an assignment due tomorrow and even when I make myself look at it, all I do is stare at the screen. Let's not talk about that exam I have on friday...
    Do you write down what you want to do/achieve? I find that writing everything down, even little things like: this is the style/items I want in my room/wardrobe, I will do this this and this today, etc. helps a lot. Break tasks right down into small tasks which are easier to complete. Make a title for your assignment. Make subheadings. Read one page of your textbook. Do at least one little thing.
    This is actually helping me, come to think of it. Maybe I can finish my assignment after all ^_^;

  2. I get it, I'm trying to change in my own life as well at the moment. As for the depression and anxiety, you'll get there, just don't give up and good luck :)