Friday, October 18, 2013

Surviving Midterms

For some of you, midterms are just looming on the horizon. For the rest of us they've already past. So this is a perfect opportunity to let you all know how best to survive them. Nowhere near as bad as finals week, but midterms can be just as exhausting and tense.

Midterm Survival Guide

☠ Take time from your study sessions to jam out to something really mellow and chill. I suggest pretty much anything from The Cure. ^_^

☠ Resist the urge to vamp out and actually go to sleep before midnight.

☠ Take a hot bath or shower with your favorite Autumn scented soap/bubble bath. Pumpkin Spice is my personal favorite but I imagine that might be hard to find if you aren't anywhere near a bath supply shop. Tea bags work in a jiffy though!

☠ Watch a movie. Something violent and bloody as a vicarious release for all your pent up stress. Slasher films are great for this, but if you prefer a supernatural bent I'd choose something like The Grudge.

☠ Burn some incense. Dragon's Blood could be useful to drawing on that powerful energy needed to tackle your studies and exams!

☠ Pet a cat. Enough said there.

☠ Take some time away from the textbooks and read this blog instead!

☠ And of course, break up your studying into blocks. Don't cram all in one go. While you're taking breaks between subjects or blocks - use any of the useful tips provided above. 

Good luck on your exams, papers, presentations, etc.

What tips or tricks do you have whilst studying for midterms or how do you de-stress?


  1. I'm coming up to my finals, down here :/
    Let's see... I like to pamper myself a bit, taking extra care with my appearance. I also like to burn incense.

  2. Yep, finals are in two weeks for me. These are definitely helpful because I am freaking out.

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