Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spookin' Out the Joint!

Most college students don't have a whole lot to work with in terms of holiday decorating given the limited space and number of restrictions on what can/cannot be hung or lit. Luckily, I have a studio all to myself so I did some meager decorating for Halloween - granted this stuff is probably gonna stay up for the rest of the year BUT I did put it up in honor of the Feast of the Dead. ^_^

It all looked a good deal spookier and more fun after adding some cute Halloween overlays courtesy of Pixlr (my favorite site for quick edits - check 'em out if you haven't.) and I do feel I could have added some more stuff. Next year! 

Do you do any decorating for the holiday times, particularly Halloween? Let me know (or see!) what you have up around your place!


  1. Oh does pixlr have and halloween filter now? Great!
    Love the striped light garland and the test tube rack with sprinkles :)

  2. So in love. Perfect Halloween atmosphere.

    Amen Fashion †

  3. You have a black fridge. So much respect.

    1. Oh I know. The love the black appliances here.

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  5. I am not so great at the house decor! I want to do my house up and have a proper party one day! Maybe when I have a bigger place!