Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Late Night Sessions #3

I have money. I actually have some money right now. Financial aid came through this week and I got the excess in my bank account. So I'm sitting pretty somewhere above $100. Which is a LOT for me these days - since I'm perpetually a broke college student. And here I was getting good and ready to start donating plasma again. 

I think I will regardless. It's a good routine for me....the cycling of blood, the zen of just sitting there quietly for a time. The cleanse and renewal. Sounds corny, but it's a good meditation opportunity.

It's really late and I KNOW I should be asleep. But I've had some trouble with that these past few weeks. So since I can't sleep, I've been watching game-play videos on Youtube. I started off with just PewdiePie for a while, then a bit of Seananners - but his videos are terribly short. Cryaotic though - excellent commentary and playlists with entire games in them.

I've watched the entire play-through's of The Last of Us, Rule of Rose, and Bioshock Infinite recently. This is hours upon hours of Youtube viewing. But I don't mind - I'm not a huge gamer but I am interested in games and watching others play them has kind of been a vicarious experience for me. And I enjoy it. 

Of course Pewds is still working on various strands of Amnesia, but Cry is playing Underhell - which I'm really digging so far. 

....And I've lost you. I'm sorry. It IS late after all and I SHOULD go to sleep. I'm on the last part of Bioshock and then I'll turn in for the night. Toodles~!

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