Saturday, September 7, 2013

Inspiration: Fall Fashion

With the promise of cooler weather on the horizon (but not yet! Damned 80 friggin' degrees....rawrfrghdadjhfdsh) I've been perusing Pinterest for some inspiration on putting together a fall wardrobe. What I've come up with as inspiring images and pieces kind of surprised me and yet, as the same time, it didn't. Because all of these looks are, to me, quintessentially AUTUMN:

Right now I'm in love with the idea of rompers and jumpsuits. Not only are they insanely EASY to coordinate, but they're also comfy and can accommodate a wide array of fashion styles.  I'm particularly fond of the striped and plaid ones featured here!

Sweaters and skirts with cute autumn-esque boots. This is also the perfect way to showcase a collection of adorable stockings. Not to mention, this look can be really cute and comfy for a lazy day at home or in class.

Now we delve into the muted tones and copious layers, ala Mori Kei. I like the idea of a dress that already has layers sewn in, because all you need to do is toss a cardigan over it and add some leggings/stockings. Boom~ instant warm comfort.

A more toned version perhaps....this is a simple dress with a long cardigan layered over it. Again, very easy but perfect for cooler weather when you don't yet want to bust out a winter jacket.

I'm also loving the classic (is it a classic yet?) shorts with stockings look. I do have a lot of shorts hanging around and I don't want to have to pack them all up once the summer's died this is a way to keep them in my wardrobe year round. Pair it up with a nice sweater and some boots - et voila! 

But don't think I've given up on my love for the dark and spooky styles. Because those are perfect for eerie fall days and night as well!

What inspires your style during the colder months of the year? Let me know in the comment section below!


  1. You've picked out some great stuff here, I especially love the cute sweater and skirt picture, I like so wear simple outfits like that with bat or skull print leggings a lot at the moment.

    I'm looking forward to wearing my velvet lolita skirts for the first time this autumn (the weather should be cool enough so very soon here).

    I'm also hoping to go for a dark mori kind of vibe this year, it seems so perfect for this time of year and so comfy for work!

    Looking forward to some outfit posts from you soon =]

  2. I've never worn a jumpsuit before, but those ones there look very cute :D

    For me, dark/mori girl is a quintessentially Autumn/Winter look. Although I'm a ripped tee/jeans kind of girl, some days I like to wear simple, cuddly clothing like mori girl :3