Saturday, September 21, 2013

Autumn Curiosities

⌘ Stripy Tights and Leggings 

⌘ Over-sized Cardigans 

⌘ Hot Apple Cider 

⌘ Black Cats (mine, mostly) 

⌘ Falling Leaves 

⌘ Halloween 

⌘ Crisp Air 

⌘ Hot Baths with Bubbles 

⌘ Crunching noises under my boots 

⌘ Baking 

⌘ Pumpkin flavored goods 

⌘ Cold nights where I can see my breath 

⌘ Taking photos 

⌘ Ghost Hunting 

⌘ Long Walks 

⌘ Candle Light Reading 

⌘ Dark Lipstick Stains on Coffee Cups 

1 comment:

  1. That sounds so good! Looking forward to Autumn even more now!

    Hi again, I don't seem to have got any updates from this blog for quite a while! Tried to check it was still in my blog list but blog list isn't working at all today! I will try and remember to check back in to read your posts! :)