Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Movie Review: The Slender Man

I'm going to assume you know what the Slenderman is. If you don't, you've probably been under a rock for the past few years. Slenderman is a mythical man-like creature of considerable height. He wears a black suit with either a red or black tie. He has no face. Slenderman's MO is that he kidnaps children, but if you encounter him - he can cause paralysis, sickness, paranoia, and even death. Your best bet is avert your eyes and run, quickly.

Slenderman first rose to fame on the internet back in 2009 through websites like SomethingAwful and CreepyPasta and is loosely based around a creature from German folklore (also known as the Tall Man) and has since spawned dozens of fan fics, fan art, photoshops, and indie games. 

2013 marks the year of Slenderman, though. An official game has been released, there are countless Slenderman mods, and at least two indie films based around Slenderman. The film I will be reviewing today is The Slender Man, produced by the Super Movie Bros.

It is free to watch here on Youtube:

The film is set up much like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity - home video style. The reason I find this so successful for a Slender Man movie is that in many of the games, you are walking around with a video camera so it's a nice tie in. The plot centers around three (well, kind of four) individuals who have their own encounters with Slender Man. The first is a man named Hank whose son is kidnapped by the creature. The second is a private detective looking into a bunch of missing person's cases involving children, and then lastly we have Emily and Chase Anders - siblings who recently lost their father and find a bunch of Slender Man related stuff on his computer so do some investigating of their own. 

All their stories tie together nicely at the end, and while the actual Slender Man encounters are creepy enough, there's still a lot left to be desired in this film. For one, I would like to know WHY their father was interested in the Slender Man and his connection. 

And why did Hank know what Emily and Chase were up to and lure them to his place?

And how did this detective discover the Slender creature?

A lot of questions aren't answered in this film and sometimes the audio is kind of sketchy so it's hard to hear the really important conversations, but seeing as this is a free film and definitely has an interesting premise - it's worth a watch. Maybe on Halloween. With some friends. After you've all played Slender: The Eight Pages and scared yourselves shitless. ^_^



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  2. Sounds interesting, I might watch that film. Thanks for the interesting post!

  3. Must see this one. My son always talk about slenderman and how this figure creeps him out :)