Thursday, August 22, 2013

Late Night Sessions #2

Classes start up on Monday. I'm not ready. I'm nowhere near ready - in fact I think that realization only sank in today. I'm trying to stress about it though. On Saturday, I'll wake up for the first real day in my new apartment, skip down to campus and get my course textbooks, and then wander around town in a daze until the sun sets. Probably.

Come Sunday, I'll likely really freak out.

And then I'll wake up Monday morning, double check my schedule and traipse out the door with little more on me than a notebook and pen.

You have to start these things out slowly, you know? Especially when you're me. I'm going to try to survive this year by only taking on that which is in front of me and not all the things I usually worry about "soon" or "then". There's no sense in it.

Last semester I wanted to do all my homework ahead of time and stay WAY caught up. Didn't happen. So I'm not gonna over-do it. I've dropped my course load down to four class total, so I'm really taking it easy this semester. I have to though....I don't want to crack again. Last year was just terrible for that.



  1. Haha, at the beginning of every semester, I think, OKAY I'm going to do ALL my readings. Honest.

    Of course, by the second week I was already behind :P

    1. That's just the way it is, I suppose.