Monday, August 26, 2013

Chair Mode Activate~!*

(mad props if you get that reference*)

Today marked the first day of classes for my university and it was a blisteringly hot day with high humidity. I left my apartment before 8:30 am and it was already over 80 degrees F. Once the sun came out, it was worse. 

I arrived on campus with fifteen minutes to spare before my first class of the day, so I camped out in the hallway of Stewart Hall and waited for Prof. Sadrai to unlock the door. You wouldn't believe my excitement at knowing that I get this professor again - he taught my Intro class last semester for Linguistics. 

Unfortunately, the head of the Linguistics department here is on sabbatical, so I don't know how that's going to play out for the duration of my major.....meh.

Class was pleasant, the Prof. remembered me from the last year and told a lot of his same stories about coming from Iran at age 15 and all that. Nostalgic and wonderful. I also got to know two of my classmates - Corina and Leah. Corina is 36, a mother and employed full-time. She's trying to change her life and find something she's happy doing as a career. Leah is a Linguistics major like myself and originally came from Russia so she has the cutest accent. Both of them are part of my class study group now, yay!

After that, I headed upstairs since my next class was in the same building and in the hour wait time I had, I completed my first Syntax reading assignment and did the homework exercises. Score! If I can stay on top of everything this time around, my workload should be reasonable and stress-free.

Environmental Sociology is going to push my comfort level a bit. It's one of those discussion oriented "lets work together in groups and do shit" kind of classes. My general disdain for most people under the age of 21 make this difficult sometimes, but I sat next to a girl named Tara today and she seemed really nice. So maybe if I chat her up and get to know her a bit, it'll be okay. 

Then I came home, since I was hungry and tired. It was then 95 degrees F, searingly bright, and still very humid. I relish the air controlled comfort of my apartment -which is fully functional by the way, but still lacking in personal decor. It's a process I suppose. I'll grab some more stuff when I head home this coming weekend. Like throw pillows and nick-knacks. It'll help!

I still need curtains and some well decor. Plus I intend to craft myself a rug for the kitchen and I still need to find a cheap table and chairs for the small dining area. But like I said, it's a process.

Tomorrow I have Creative Writing Poetry with my Fiction professor from last year, so that'll be familiar and easy. Then the dreaded HUMAN RACE AND RELATIONS course...which basically a not so cleverly disguised course on white shaming....because SCSU just LOVES their diversity and hates their native students. Oh well. 

It's an easy A. I'll just show up and do stuff once in a while.

Well.....I'm currently boiling some tortellini for a late dinner, so....LATERZ doomcookies!

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