Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can you be a pastel goth without pastel hair?

Disclaimer: I realize fully that pastel goth is not a part of the traditional Goth subculture and that there's a lot of dispute over whether or not the style can even take on the moniker of Goth (but I think it's a rather silly thing to get pissy over, so I'm ignoring it), but I fully adore the style and often-times consider how to incorporate it into my own wardrobe.

Which brings me to this question: Is it possible to rock a legit Pastel Goth outfit without having pastel or otherwise colored hair?

Honestly, it's hard to find any pictures on the internet of girls with natural colored hair sporting a pastel goth outfit. And I'm not talking about this nu-Goth stuff (though I enjoy that too!) with lightly colored hair. The two simply are not the same thing. Even was difficult. But I did manage to find a few photos lurking around that might give one a good idea how to rock a Pastel Goth look without bleaching out your hair or investing in a pink wig. ^_^

So it would seem that the answer is: Yes. Good to know.

All images found on Tumblr.


  1. I used to follow the blog of the girl in the last picture, she pulled out quite nice outfits :D
    By the way I think it's perfectly possible to be a pastel goth without pastel hair; it's all about the clothing anyways, so I don't think the colour of your hair matters that much. :)

  2. I love it! I'd really like to add some pastelly Gothy accents to my outfits.

  3. I think it would be completely fine and if you feel a bit out of place, just get some pastel coloured hair pieces to clip in. That way you can make you hair match your outfit everyday without damaging your hair.

    1. That is actually a really great idea. I might totally do that.