Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Alternative Fashion is....trendy?!

When so called "alternative" fashions become trendy, are they really alternative anymore? Of has the life and meaning and essence of these styles been sucked dry by those who are mindless droning slaves to fashion fads? I think it's a legitimate question.

But what do people REALLY think qualifies as "alternative"? Go to Pinterest, Tumblr, or even Google Images. Do it and type in the keywords alternative fashion. I'll wait...go tell me, what did you find?

Something like this:

I'm gonna tell you what I see. I see all this "edgy" stuff that's really trendy right now: studs, lace, high-waisted shorts, heeled boots, oversized cardigans, upside down crosses, and all this grunge and tattered stuff. It's suddenly become a thing to toss on a chunky cardigan, smear on some black lipstick and call yourself alternative. But is it really alternative when it's in trend?

My opinion is no.

This generic "alternative" style blends a lot of other well-known subcultural fashions together, like Goth and Punk. Nu Goth might be considered an alternative fashion these days, along with Pastel Goth, Nu Grunge, and whatever else they're using as terms to coin for this edgy trend.

Take heart though, the true alternative fashions are always going to be so, because most dabblers aren't going to jump six feet down into a Morticia Addams gown or take the time to style liberty spikes after slipping into their Hot Topic plaid skirt and creepers. The genuine thing is always going to be much deeper down and these trends are only scratching the surface.

Now, do I have anything against people dressing like this? No, of course not. People can wear whatever they want and for whatever reasons they want. I'm totally okay with that. I just think...that when a style becomes really popular and mainstream that it's not really alternative anymore.

Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts?


  1. Absolutely agree. Alternative should be the alternative to common/popular style. But this was also the trend in the end of the 80's not as much obvious as it is now.
    Another but: I was very happy to find tights with sprinkled crosses at Gina Tricot a few weeks ago :)

  2. I often wish that previously 'alternative' things I like weren't trendy because I don't want to be mistaken for a hipster! I want to be able to wear an unknown pleasures t shirt without having to justify it by telling people I have Joy Divisions entire back catalogue on vinyl! I want to be able to go clubbing in a skull print dress without seeing 3 other girls in the same one, all of whom are wearing fake tan, pink lip gloss and highlights!!

    However I too am taking advantage of the easy availability of some items I like like leggings with skulls or roses on and lace dresses while I can. Also I got some knock-offs of the high-heeled DMs for £30 last week, which is great because the real ones are too wide for my feet in that style =] I'll just have to save wearing some of these things until the trends move on!

  3. Well, I'm not sure... yes, you see a lot of fashion bloggers and such spruiking such things... but how many people on the street have you seen wearing such things? I made a mildly pastel goth outfit for an upcoming blog post and decided to go shopping in it, and that certainly got me a few looks...

    Also, I agree with The Cemetery Dreamer. Take advantage of it!

    1. You're right about blogging vs real life. I think it depends really heavily on the area. All the shops in my college town are selling so called "alternative" stuff and everyone's eating it up like candy - so I see a lot of girls here with skull print dresses and cross tights or looking like they stepped out of Beetlejuice The Musical or some shit.

      But to them it's just trendy and doesn't mean anything about who they are as a person.

      Do I like that I can also stroll down the street wearing the same stuff without anyone batting an eyelash? Of course, but it also makes finding like-minded people a lot harder.

    2. Good point. Where I live, people .. well, they don't really care about their personal appearance so much. It's a bit different in uni, but there are still very few alternative looking people around.

  4. I see tons of girls like those in the first four pictures these days at my school these days. I'm somewhere in between about these topics... it's great that "alternative" fashion is opening up to many people, but at the same time you'll find yourself lumped together with these people. Just as the Cemetery Dreamer mentioned, people will assume you're some "hipster", when you're being yourself.

    My point is, I guess it's both a blessing and a curse simultaneously.

    1. yes, but most alternatives don't really care what people think.

  5. It's still alternative because the fashion fad hoppers are gonna wear the styles on the racks and manakins. But the true alternatives are always going to dress more extreme, layer more, dye their hair more, wear heavier makeup and better at that. It actually makes it easier for us alternatives to find cheap fashions in styles we like without having to make it ourselves, not that I have a problem with that. Or having to buy online. I prefer to go to stores and try things on, rather than to trust the sites measurements.