Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Alternative Fashion is....trendy?!

When so called "alternative" fashions become trendy, are they really alternative anymore? Of has the life and meaning and essence of these styles been sucked dry by those who are mindless droning slaves to fashion fads? I think it's a legitimate question.

But what do people REALLY think qualifies as "alternative"? Go to Pinterest, Tumblr, or even Google Images. Do it and type in the keywords alternative fashion. I'll wait...go tell me, what did you find?

Something like this:

I'm gonna tell you what I see. I see all this "edgy" stuff that's really trendy right now: studs, lace, high-waisted shorts, heeled boots, oversized cardigans, upside down crosses, and all this grunge and tattered stuff. It's suddenly become a thing to toss on a chunky cardigan, smear on some black lipstick and call yourself alternative. But is it really alternative when it's in trend?

My opinion is no.

This generic "alternative" style blends a lot of other well-known subcultural fashions together, like Goth and Punk. Nu Goth might be considered an alternative fashion these days, along with Pastel Goth, Nu Grunge, and whatever else they're using as terms to coin for this edgy trend.

Take heart though, the true alternative fashions are always going to be so, because most dabblers aren't going to jump six feet down into a Morticia Addams gown or take the time to style liberty spikes after slipping into their Hot Topic plaid skirt and creepers. The genuine thing is always going to be much deeper down and these trends are only scratching the surface.

Now, do I have anything against people dressing like this? No, of course not. People can wear whatever they want and for whatever reasons they want. I'm totally okay with that. I just think...that when a style becomes really popular and mainstream that it's not really alternative anymore.

Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Chair Mode Activate~!*

(mad props if you get that reference*)

Today marked the first day of classes for my university and it was a blisteringly hot day with high humidity. I left my apartment before 8:30 am and it was already over 80 degrees F. Once the sun came out, it was worse. 

I arrived on campus with fifteen minutes to spare before my first class of the day, so I camped out in the hallway of Stewart Hall and waited for Prof. Sadrai to unlock the door. You wouldn't believe my excitement at knowing that I get this professor again - he taught my Intro class last semester for Linguistics. 

Unfortunately, the head of the Linguistics department here is on sabbatical, so I don't know how that's going to play out for the duration of my major.....meh.

Class was pleasant, the Prof. remembered me from the last year and told a lot of his same stories about coming from Iran at age 15 and all that. Nostalgic and wonderful. I also got to know two of my classmates - Corina and Leah. Corina is 36, a mother and employed full-time. She's trying to change her life and find something she's happy doing as a career. Leah is a Linguistics major like myself and originally came from Russia so she has the cutest accent. Both of them are part of my class study group now, yay!

After that, I headed upstairs since my next class was in the same building and in the hour wait time I had, I completed my first Syntax reading assignment and did the homework exercises. Score! If I can stay on top of everything this time around, my workload should be reasonable and stress-free.

Environmental Sociology is going to push my comfort level a bit. It's one of those discussion oriented "lets work together in groups and do shit" kind of classes. My general disdain for most people under the age of 21 make this difficult sometimes, but I sat next to a girl named Tara today and she seemed really nice. So maybe if I chat her up and get to know her a bit, it'll be okay. 

Then I came home, since I was hungry and tired. It was then 95 degrees F, searingly bright, and still very humid. I relish the air controlled comfort of my apartment -which is fully functional by the way, but still lacking in personal decor. It's a process I suppose. I'll grab some more stuff when I head home this coming weekend. Like throw pillows and nick-knacks. It'll help!

I still need curtains and some well decor. Plus I intend to craft myself a rug for the kitchen and I still need to find a cheap table and chairs for the small dining area. But like I said, it's a process.

Tomorrow I have Creative Writing Poetry with my Fiction professor from last year, so that'll be familiar and easy. Then the dreaded HUMAN RACE AND RELATIONS course...which basically a not so cleverly disguised course on white shaming....because SCSU just LOVES their diversity and hates their native students. Oh well. 

It's an easy A. I'll just show up and do stuff once in a while.

Well.....I'm currently boiling some tortellini for a late dinner, so....LATERZ doomcookies!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Late Night Sessions #2

Classes start up on Monday. I'm not ready. I'm nowhere near ready - in fact I think that realization only sank in today. I'm trying to stress about it though. On Saturday, I'll wake up for the first real day in my new apartment, skip down to campus and get my course textbooks, and then wander around town in a daze until the sun sets. Probably.

Come Sunday, I'll likely really freak out.

And then I'll wake up Monday morning, double check my schedule and traipse out the door with little more on me than a notebook and pen.

You have to start these things out slowly, you know? Especially when you're me. I'm going to try to survive this year by only taking on that which is in front of me and not all the things I usually worry about "soon" or "then". There's no sense in it.

Last semester I wanted to do all my homework ahead of time and stay WAY caught up. Didn't happen. So I'm not gonna over-do it. I've dropped my course load down to four class total, so I'm really taking it easy this semester. I have to though....I don't want to crack again. Last year was just terrible for that.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can you be a pastel goth without pastel hair?

Disclaimer: I realize fully that pastel goth is not a part of the traditional Goth subculture and that there's a lot of dispute over whether or not the style can even take on the moniker of Goth (but I think it's a rather silly thing to get pissy over, so I'm ignoring it), but I fully adore the style and often-times consider how to incorporate it into my own wardrobe.

Which brings me to this question: Is it possible to rock a legit Pastel Goth outfit without having pastel or otherwise colored hair?

Honestly, it's hard to find any pictures on the internet of girls with natural colored hair sporting a pastel goth outfit. And I'm not talking about this nu-Goth stuff (though I enjoy that too!) with lightly colored hair. The two simply are not the same thing. Even was difficult. But I did manage to find a few photos lurking around that might give one a good idea how to rock a Pastel Goth look without bleaching out your hair or investing in a pink wig. ^_^

So it would seem that the answer is: Yes. Good to know.

All images found on Tumblr.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Movie Review: The Slender Man

I'm going to assume you know what the Slenderman is. If you don't, you've probably been under a rock for the past few years. Slenderman is a mythical man-like creature of considerable height. He wears a black suit with either a red or black tie. He has no face. Slenderman's MO is that he kidnaps children, but if you encounter him - he can cause paralysis, sickness, paranoia, and even death. Your best bet is avert your eyes and run, quickly.

Slenderman first rose to fame on the internet back in 2009 through websites like SomethingAwful and CreepyPasta and is loosely based around a creature from German folklore (also known as the Tall Man) and has since spawned dozens of fan fics, fan art, photoshops, and indie games. 

2013 marks the year of Slenderman, though. An official game has been released, there are countless Slenderman mods, and at least two indie films based around Slenderman. The film I will be reviewing today is The Slender Man, produced by the Super Movie Bros.

It is free to watch here on Youtube:

The film is set up much like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity - home video style. The reason I find this so successful for a Slender Man movie is that in many of the games, you are walking around with a video camera so it's a nice tie in. The plot centers around three (well, kind of four) individuals who have their own encounters with Slender Man. The first is a man named Hank whose son is kidnapped by the creature. The second is a private detective looking into a bunch of missing person's cases involving children, and then lastly we have Emily and Chase Anders - siblings who recently lost their father and find a bunch of Slender Man related stuff on his computer so do some investigating of their own. 

All their stories tie together nicely at the end, and while the actual Slender Man encounters are creepy enough, there's still a lot left to be desired in this film. For one, I would like to know WHY their father was interested in the Slender Man and his connection. 

And why did Hank know what Emily and Chase were up to and lure them to his place?

And how did this detective discover the Slender creature?

A lot of questions aren't answered in this film and sometimes the audio is kind of sketchy so it's hard to hear the really important conversations, but seeing as this is a free film and definitely has an interesting premise - it's worth a watch. Maybe on Halloween. With some friends. After you've all played Slender: The Eight Pages and scared yourselves shitless. ^_^


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Move in Sneak Peak!

Late Night Sessions #1

I'm a weird sort - I don't sleep much anymore (unless the sun's up *hissss*) and so I find myself doing some odd things on the internet at night. I figure if I'm going to be awake, I can do some blogging - mostly personal stuff and just venting. I seem able to coherently organize my shit when it's around 1 am or so....

I feel like I'm at the halfway point in my college career. At least, I hope I am. I'm entering my third year of university at the end of the month and even though I'm STILL working on generals, I've also  got a great start on most of my major courses. I'm really excited for both Syntax and Creative Writing: Poetry. The other two on my list are just freshman level generals - mostly because I never got around to taking them and the advisers told me I should probably get them over with. So I will, because they're easy.

So in addition to a middle point in the my current life chapter I feel as though I'm having one of many identity crises. These hit me from time to time and that's usually when I have to stop and reevaluate if I'm forcing myself into "boxes" or not. And lately....I kind of am. I'm a pretty multifaceted individual - I can dig that, but sometimes I feel like I try to fit myself more into one subculture over everything else. Like my recent UBER GOTH kick - there's still a big part of me that identifies as Goth but you'd never know it looking at me.

These days I'm completely in love with the Mori and Dolly Kei styles. I guess I just love the muted colors, vintage prints, and ruffly layers - perfect for Autumn. I'm listening to a lot of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and LMFAO ( completely random, I know ) and doing a lot of DIY decor. Currently, this just feels...right. So I'm going with it.

I guess I do go in spurts with my little identities, but that's fine because each one of them is a valid piece of my personality. So I'll just roll with it.

One thing I feel really bad about not doing this summer is keeping up with my Japanese studies. I mean, I tried a bit in the beginning and then my brain just kind of melted. I'm going to have to do some MAJOR refreshing on what I've already learned before purchasing and starting the Genki II book. Which I WILL do.

I'm terrible at motivation. Heh. Goodnight.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To Return To Campus

That's right, friends, the return is imminent. I begin moving all my crap back up to St Cloud this Saturday. And what have I done in way of preparation? Nothing. Not one damn thing. Unless you count dwindling my wardrobe down and donating some to charity planning for a moving trip? I don't, personally....

Mom's been a huge help though. She got a bunch of boxes for me to pack shit and organized most of my kitchen essentials for me. So that's mostly set. And in the morning (well before you guys see this post) we're going up to Walmart and the dollar store to stock up on cleaning supplies and such. Might as well get it cheap.

As you may have noticed, I've avoided posting anything of real substantial value on this blog for some time. I do apologize for that, but it's been the summer of sleep and wanting to die. My meds got me all over the place and I just can't seem to muster up the energy to really complete any of the goals I set for myself last spring. I mostly just sit in front of the computer and watch Youtube videos. (Mainly these: PewdiePie) I haven't bothered to sew anything and writing seems like such a chore.

I keep thinking to myself, if I can't handle simple tasks I normally enjoy how am I gonna handle the upcoming semester? 

Hopefully, with a lot of structure and some help from the psych center. I think I need to swallow my pride and acquire a therapist now. Luckily, my school offers some really good free services for people in my position and I've been told I should give it a try numerous times, so I will. Finally. 

I've been contemplating my money situation as well. I really hope I can handle the time and effort it's going to take to establish an Avon customer base on campus. It would be SUPER awesome if I could just do that on the side for money and NOT have to find work either on or off campus elsewhere. Granted, I still have plasma donation to supplement if I get my health back in good order.

And there's that ^: I'm going to look into getting as much free stuff and maybe money as I can. Why not? 

I really want this year to be better and with a little bit of help (and a LOT of luck) I hope I can weather this coming school year better than I did the last one. Toodles!~

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shark Week!

So, it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. This is probably one of my favorite television events - I adore sharks and find them really fascinating.

And there are such a variety of programs on about sharks - so far I've caught a documentary about Jaws and now there's a show about scariest animal attacks. I'm fairly certain that SyFy will air Sharknado again this week. If you haven't had a chance to see that, I recommend it. It's absolutely ridiculous!

How do you feel about sharks? Are you afraid of them or would you brave the ocean for a chance to spot one of these magnificent creatures?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Fingers - I've been tagged!

My, my, this is unusual - I've been tagged to participate in a particular type of post activity. Normally, I sort of ignore this kind of thing but lately I haven't much to blog about (or the will to do so anyways....) so I'll give it a go.

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Five Things I Need Everyday:
~A Nail File
~A Book

Five Books I Would Recommend:
~The Secret Garden
~Phantom of the Opera
~Bram Stoker's Dracula
~Gothic Charm School
~The Scarlet Letter

Five Materialistic Wishes For My Birthday:
~Google Chromebook
~Tea. All the tea.
~A kotatsu
~Split-colored wig
~Lots of lace

Five Places I Want To Visit:
~Japan - currently in the works!

Five Adjectives That Describe Me:

Five Pieces of Advice About Life:
~Don't ever let someone tell you that you can't do what you love
~It's okay if you're antisocial, people suck anyways
~Anything worthwhile is worth fighting for
~The moment you stop caring what others think is the moment you taste true power
~Don't listen to the advice I give, I'm crazy. ^_~

Alright kids, here's who I'm tagging: