Monday, June 10, 2013

Pocketful of Sunshine

What really amazes me right now is that the sun is shining. Normally, I hiss and seethe at the sun during the hot summer months but so far this year it's been cold and rainy. So a little sunshine to help the garden grow is a good thing.

I put in my first Avon order last night. Two customers. Two. I don't count. I sold (maybe) $50 worth of stuff. I basically get NO commission for that little. But it's a start. I don't plan to give up. Campaign 14 starts today and there is some really lovely nail stuff for sale on the catalog. I'm gonna push that like no one's business!

I created a League of Legends account last night. The boy (kind of) insisted. I don't much care for playing it but I'll give it a go. If it really pisses me off, I'll just uninstall and carry on.

I took Shadow outside today. She rolled around on the sidewalk and chewed on some grass.

Today has been alright. I'm okay.


  1. My boy friend plays LoL as well; I'm not sure about playing it but at least it's fun to watch. :3

    1. I totally agree, I get such a kick out of watching all the League Championship stuff.

  2. Oh, you too? I actually like LoL, but I don't have tat much time to play. You should PM your account info and maybe we could play together sometime!