Wednesday, May 15, 2013

*huff huff huff* Welcome to Summer!

Summer is not a season for the Goth - not by any stretch of the imagination. Days where it barely reaches 70 degrees F? Perfect! Today is nearly 90 (that's 32+/- for you celsius folks!) and it's awful. Sure, I missed the sunshine and the warm breezes, but not this heat. can have it. All of it. Please.

So....recent news:

That gorgeous Moitie dress from Japan arrived. It's the Silent Moon Long OP - in perfect condition!~

My kitten is still a freaking weirdo. I swear she confuses herself for a dog sometimes - today she was gnawing on a piece of wood, just like a dog does to a bone. 

My foot scar from my surgery a year ago. If it wasn't for this red line on the side of my foot, it's like nothing ever happened. I expected arthritis or something....but no. Woohoo!~

I'm settled rather comfortably back at my mom's place so I'll do a room tour again in a few days. Still need to figure out where to keep some of my stuff for the summer, I have so much crap! It's a bit ridiculous.

Anywho - now that I have so much free time I'm going to scamper off and indulge in a good book or complete a sewing project. Laterz!~


  1. I know how you feel. :/ I live in Texas too and the weather is unbearable. I really hate it when my makeup feels like it is melting off! And your dress is so cute, the blue is so pretty! :)

  2. That dress is just gorgeous :3 I live in The Netherlands and so far we haven't experienced any heat. Highest temperatures we got in May were around 15/16 degrees Centrigrade, which is cool, for this time of the year. They say it's going to get hotter near the end of this week and I'm already dreading it XD