Monday, April 15, 2013

Sp00ky Fitness

Spring ( and shortly summer ) is just around the corner and like lots of other people, I find myself becoming more and more conscious of just how unfit I currently am. Oh, I'm thin enough, that's not the issue. I'm a frail little flower who can barely lift 50 lbs. This, is unacceptable.

So I've taken to some simple workout routines that can be done from my own bedroom and a new set of yoga poses. But....what do I wear!?

I don't own workout clothes. Not really. I mean, I have a pair of black sneakers but that's really just for show. So in my quest to find something cute and still really comfortable to wear in my fitness endeavors, I've found some things the rest of you might like too:


A godsend in the fitness world, there are plenty of options for us weirdos too. There are a ton of cute patterns and designs to choose from, just make sure they're made from a breathable fabric like cotton and have a lot of stretch to them.

Tank Tops:

Whether you construct your own from some old t-shirts or buy them pre-made, Gothically-inclined tank tops look great as workout gear. I particularly adore this Edgar Allen Poe tank!

Which brings me to my next point:


T-shirts that are a size or two big on you are great for things like jogging, since they have a lot of breathing room and let in much needed air flow.


I know your Converse look pretty badass, but they're not suitable running shoes. Not at all. Find something with support and cushion, there are plenty of styles that come in black and other wild colors. You can always trade out the laces for something more interesting too. 

Hair Support:

Nothing is nastier than coating your teased up mane with a slick layer of sweat. Make sure you tie that mess back and secure all fly-aways with a cute and spooky headband like the one pictured above.  

I shouldn't have to tell you to leave all jewelry at home. If you insist on wearing makeup, do make sure it's of the waterproof variety and keep it simple. Melting faces don't look good in any subculture. Except maybe on an alien planet....that could possibly be a thing there....heh.

Anyways, hope this helped. What do you wear when getting healthy?


  1. When I work out I tend to wear plain black leggings and a black vest/large band t shirt, that way I still feel like "myself" and I still feel comfortable and not restricted, I pretty much always exercise indoors :)

    I don't normally wear makeup when I work out (unless it's been on from earlier in the day) Smeared eyebrows is so not a good look for me! haha

    Great post!

  2. Since I practise karate I have it the easy way, one suit always, and it's comfortable too ^^
    If I do work out at home I usually wear a sports bra and pyjamas shorts, haha!

    Great post though :D

  3. Tank tops and yoga pants, which is what I usually wear when I'm lounging at home anyway. I'm a yoga freak and I spend more time on my exercise ball than my sofa.

  4. I look awful when i workout! lol i need to look better! your outfit is cute!
    Follow me please?
    -Jen <3