Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Showers

Rain is one of my favorite things about spring. The torrential downpours wash away all the grime and dirt and salt of a long winter. Rain brings greenery and life back into the grey and ugly world. The healing waters of life are the most powerful when falling from the sky.

Okay, enough poetics. There's a definite downside to rain as well. For some people it's flooding....for me, it's migraines. That's right, folks, I'm a human barometer and when it's gonna rain hard I know it because my temples pound and my eye throbs. It's lovely.

Still, isn't there something soothing about rain? It's the perfect weather for a cup of tea and a great classic novel. It's the perfect excuse to stay inside and watch movies or play video games. But it's also fun to run around outside like an idiot whilst jumping in puddles.

The sound of rain can lull one to sleep too. It's a real shame that whenever you're having a restless night you can't just send up a request to the sky gods....or can you?

This is my absolute favorite website in the whole world. It's just a constant looping track with pouring rain and the occasional strike of thunder. The dripping window-pane screen definitely doesn't hurt for the effect either. I suggest checking it out, not only is it great for sleeping or writing, but it also sounds amazing behind a lot of music!

But lets not forget the most important accessory for rain - umbrellas! My favorite one (pictured here) is a simple vinyl umbrella with a Monet inspired landscape print. I think it's the perfect spring umbrella and much cheerier than the usual solid colors we find.

See, it's totally the same, right? Do you have any cute umbrellas or rain gear? I've been thinking about finding myself a cute pair of Wellies to match my umbrella but so far they remain elusive. Oh well....I'll keep looking!


  1. Oh no I feel so sorry for everyone who suffers from migraine! :/

    Your umbrella looks amazing and thank you for that website :D

  2. You're umbrella is pretty awesome. It sucks that you get migraines every time it rains.

  3. I love it when I'm going to bed and it's raining outside, it's the only thing that helps me falling asleep :)