Sunday, March 17, 2013

Surviving Spring Break

Blargh....I wish I could come in here and tell you all that I had a fantastic break away from school, but that would taste a lie. Facts are these: I did have a week-long break, and I did accomplish a "couple" of things.

March 7, Thursday: Lindsey Stirling concert. Only the most epic thing ever conceived of. I took videos of that....

I do apologize for shoddy sound quality, I may have had my finger over the mic at some point......

March 8, Friday: Trip to the doctor where I relayed all the information regarding my mental health dating back to last October - when I abruptly tweaked out and dropped my antidepressants. He prescribed me a generic of Zoloft, which helps to treat anxiety as well.....

Weekend: Stayed cooped up at home and the boy's place. Watched some television and snuggled with my kitten.

Actually....that's pretty much what I did most of the week too. My new pills have given me some nasty insomnia (though that seems to be abiding just a bit now) and I may or may not be having a mild allergic reaction to them. We'll see.

So I watched A LOT of television. And I don't normally at all. So I've seen a ton of shit on Animal Planet, BBCA, Travel Channel, and TLC. So much crap...I even watched some storm chasing shows on the Weather Channel - at least that was interesting.

On Thursday the family took a trip downtown to renew IDs at the DMV and do some thrift store shopping. Nothing terribly exciting, but I did get a new cardigan that I quite like. It was actually kind of warm that day... but now it's supposed to get cold again and snow a ton more.

I want spring.....

So now I'm back at school. I've been off the grid for over a week and it's been quite lovely, but now I need to get back into the swing of things. Wish me luck with classes and such!

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