Friday, March 1, 2013

March Theme: Purple

As some of you already know, SophistiqueNoir hosts a monthly theme challenge post and the theme for March is Purple!

Purple is one of my favorite colors, and I like most of the various tints and shades of it.  I even painted my bedroom back home a lovely lavender color with black trim. It's quite cozy and lighter shades of purple can be very soothing, I think.

Just now I had a look around my dorm room for all the purple stuff I have in sight. The first that popped up is my Halloween tinsel bat thing hanging in the window:

I own a rather small amount of purple clothing, sadly. Just a couple of t-shirts and sweaters here and there. I also have a pair of purple skinny jeans - I love 'em! Purple is one of those colors that looks good on almost everyone. It doesn't seem to matter how pale you are or what your hair color is, there is surely a shade that works. For me, a pale redhead, I can rock pretty much all kinds of purple. Except maybe dark purple shades....they tend to wash me out a little. But the medium to lighter tints are awesome against my auburn hair!

Purple was once regarded as the color for royalty among some cultures (and still might be!) and today in most New Age circles, purple is a psychic color. So it comes as no real surprise that I would choose a purple altar cloth for my all my magickal stuff. Even before I got this one, I used a long swath of deep violet velvet. This one is easier for a dorm altar though.

I even own purple makeup! One of my favorite lipsticks is a really dark purple that borders on black and I love wearing silver/purple eye makeup:

Do you see the quilt in the background? My grandma made that for me like a million years ago. I think I still love it as much as I do because of the purple/red combination! 

(I'm also posting according to this theme on my other blog, so check that one out as well!)


  1. OMG OMG *flaiiils* SO STUNNINGLY PRETTY *_*

    that third picture especially!
    you totally rock the color purple like no one's business.
    and i'm so stealing the combination concept in the second picture (i have a similar scarf)

    love, love~

  2. Purple lipstick is perfect for you! It complements your skin tone and eyes beautifully.

    And your blog has purple links, so that's awesome! ;)

    1. Oh, you're right! I didn't even notice until you mentioned that!

  3. The top is really cute! You suit the purple makeup incredibly well ;)
    And you're right, purple does suit quite a lot of people!

    I have the exact altar cloth for my travel purposes, too! My hubby bought me a larger one for home; it's reversed colors.

  4. I love this post, all your purple items are great :D

  5. Oh a tinsel bat! :) I think the photo of you wearing purple lipstick is so beautiful, you look lovely.

  6. You look lovely in purple. Especially that purple lipstick. :)