Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Goth Challenge Week 8

Goth-y Things in my Every Day Life:

Other than the fact that I wear black on a regular basis and like experimenting with odd lip colors, there are tell-tale signs of my Gothness lying about my apartment. I had to go on a manhunt to locate them all ( I DO share this place with three other people) but I found most of them. Just little clues that would give away my sub-cultural affiliations:

Within my room, I have bat wall decals, striped lantern lights, Halloween tinsel, and my hanging glow-in-the-dark skeleton, Victor. I take him everywhere with me. Kind of freaked Amy out last year though.....^_^

Despite the fact that my bathroom is gobbed up with Hello Kitty cuteness, I couldn't resist adding some darker touches. The skeleton dude hangs out in funny poses on my mirror and makes me smile in the morning. The soap dispenser was on sale at Savers (large thrift store) and the soap smells like black licorice. ^_^

I also have bat stickers on the front of my bedroom door. A fair warning to all the people seeking me out that I'm bat-shit nuts. 

The plastic bat cups and frame-esque plates were on sale at Target after Halloween. I couldn't resist....they were too cute. I hope to add more dark and whimsical cutlery to my kitchen next year.

This hat is not particularly Goth but since I wear it outside every day it does kind of set me apart from all the Northface wearing and UGG toting sheeples, so I suppose it is part of my daily Gothness. No one else on campus (aside from Janelle) has such a cute and quirky hat. So there. 

In what ways does your Gothness manifest within your daily life? Let me know!

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  1. There actually aren't a lot of tell tale clues in my bedroom. Most of my furniture is white, I have a white chandelier style lamp and my walls are painted a bright blue xD The only thing that would give some kind of hint is probably the pair of Demonia boots sitting next to my book case and the large amount of black/dark clothing in my closet XD

    I love all your bat stuff by the way :3 And your hat is awesome.