Sunday, February 17, 2013

On the up and up....

As some of you may have known, I've been pretty sick this past week. I don't get sick, really sick, often but when I do it's bad and it kicks my ass. I'm still sniffling and blowing my nose constantly but it seems that the worst it is is passing by now. Still, I feel like I snorted my brain out into all those tissues....where on Earth does all the snot come from!?

So, fashion wise, my aim for this week was cute but comfy. I don't know about the rest of you, but I can only take so much of sitting around in sweats before I get bored and end up busting out the eyeliner and lipstick, so I figured I would dress up as well.

Outfit Rundown:
~Dress - Target~
~Top - Walmart~
~Leggings - Walmart~
~Slippers - Target?~
~Jewelry - varies~

Trying to take a photo of the back of one's head is rather difficult, no? Anyways, I think I managed to capture the cutesy ponytail thing I did well enough. It was really simple too!

As for today, I'm wearing my favorite pair of department store jeans and a velvet romantic Goth-style blouse. Very comfy but quite lovely.

Outfit Rundown:
~Blouse - thrifted~
~Jeans - JC Penny~
~Slippers - Target~
~Jewelry - varies~

No interesting hairstyle today.

Please ignore the strange need I have for bizarre and artsy self-portraits. I look horrible head-on anyhow. ^_^

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