Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Of long weekends and illness....

So I'm sick. This seems to be a trend lately and I think all the school stress has annihilated my immune system. This is really craptastic, though, because I have a sore throat, a possible fever, and a nasty pressurized nasal cavity - feels like a sinus infection, only worse. I might have the flu.

I had an interesting weekend though, I suppose. I was able to kick back and relax a fair amount seeing as I got snowed in at my hometown until Monday afternoon. The snowstorm itself was lovely though and that kind of weather always makes me want to curl up with a book and some hot cocoa.

I also got to sit in on an xbox session with my brother and some of his buddies, one of which was quite drunk. I ended up on a mic as well, so I could chit-chat. Monumentally amusing, to say the least. I haven't laughed quite like that in a while now. And there's something quite zen about sitting there watching people shoot each other on Call of Duty.

I picked some new stuff up at Walmart and the dollar store as well, because I was running low on some essential toiletries. I needed new shampoo, body wash, shower puffs, and I found myself craving some form of bubble bath solution.

The trip to Walmart was a bit more interesting. They had some cute shirts on clearance and seeing as I don't really own t-shirts at all, I invested a bit.

I cut the sleeves off the bow crop top because the only size left was S and the sleeves were too tight. So a little improv on something that was only $5.

I needed a new notebook for my creative writing pursuits. This composition notebook with stripes was 97 cents, and the poster sitting next to it is a Joker image from Arkham Asylum:

In less pleasant news, I recently discovered that I owe my university $742 in unpaid tuition costs. I guess my courses were a little pricier this semester. Rawr. So now I'm in the process of trying to snag a job and I applied tonight (after haphazardly tossing my resume back together) at a local thrift/consignment shop. If I don't get a call from them this week then I'll start applying with random jobs on campus. I need to pay this shit off so I can register for next year at some point.

I suppose it couldn't hurt to have a job nowadays anyhow. The money will be nice, that's for sure.

Hey! Maybe I should put a donate button up - if any of you lovely folks have extra funds sitting in your bank account I could certainly use them. ^_^


  1. Or you could start with advertising :)
    I was never as sick as when I studied at university. After every exam (every 10th week) I got a cold or the flu.
    The shirts are so nice! Perfect idea to cut of the arms. My arms are so thick so many shirts are to narrow in the arms for me.

  2. I'm loving that 'true love is forever' t-shirt ^^ It's really cute :3 sorry to hear you've been ill so often though :/