Thursday, February 7, 2013

Goth Shopping Haul + Daily Outfit!

On Wednesday, I went shopping. I had some money hanging out on one of my debit cards, so I took that and went to the mall before my Japanese test. I got some cute stuff, which I will detail below:

I'm really happy with everything that I got. Claire's was having a jewelry sale, so I got the zipper bracelet and the ring for super cheap, and the cross bracelet was only $6. The book, The Black Arts, was priced at $9 and for a used/really good condition book that's a fair price. The leggings were the most expensive, but that's a given. They were on sale for $15 or so. Great quality, can't wait to wear them.

Also casually dressed up today. I'm pretty sick still, so I'm just lounging, hence the purple slippers. But I've got my handmade dress on, with a thrifted bolero, some jewelry (including the new stuff) and my beloved purple lipstick!


  1. I nominated you for a blog award. Details are on my blog.

    I would have loved these accessories back in my goth days. And what is the book about? Let me know if it is any good. I always want new things to read.

    1. The book is a historical look at black magic and the evolution of the occult in modern times. Should be interesting.