Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Goth Challenge Week Five

How strangers react to my clothes, and how I react to their reactions

On a typical day, I don't really get many reactions. Of course, on a typical day 

it's bloody winter, and so I'm all layered up with coats and hats and such. 

So, on a not so typical day when I've got all my finery on (and this ranges 

from fluffy dresses to fishnets with a mini skirt) I get a range of reactions.

If I'm on my college campus....there will definitely by the rude frat boy calling

 out to me "Hey, it's not Halloween!" or "Little Bo Peep!". Something to that

 effect, which I completely ignore. If I feel brave, I toss them my most

 scathing look ever. Wither where you stand, useless mortal scum.

Once in a while there are girls on campus who will compliment me on my 

tights or my hat or my boots (lots of people like me boots, actually!) and to 

this I respond with a smile and a sincere "thank you" which seems to be the 

most appropriate response to compliments. 

Sometimes people on the bus want to know where I bought a certain item or 

why I wear it. I'm always polite to these people, because often it's just 

curiosity driving them and if one of these so-called "freaks" has a pleasant 

conversation with them, their less inclined to think badly towards the rest of 


I love the reactions I get when I dress up in Lolita in my hometown though. 

Ironically, I'm more accepted there in a small farming community than I am 

here at school which is a big city that supposedly embraces diversity. I can go 

to Walmart or the grocery store in big poofy skirts, rocking horse shoes, and 

hair teased to high hell and I mostly get friendly comments and the occasional 

"secretly" snapped photo. Even young kids seem to think it's awesome.

Although, the girls who work at Biolife always really seem to enjoy when I 

come in to donate plasma with a dress on or my hair curled. 

On the whole, I'd say I get mostly good reactions to how I dress. And the bad 

stuff.....doesn't really phase me anymore.


  1. >"Hey, it's not Halloween!" or "Little Bo Peep!"

    Wow. I wonder what makes them think we're all so eager to know their "opinions".
    And I, too, try to be nice with strangers who ask me about my style, maybe nicer than I really am XD, 'cause I hope that this way someone will learn that us alternatives aren't scary or rude or whatever they thought we were.
    I have the say that I had the hardest time when I was wearing lolita, but I guess it's because I was wearing sweet loli which is more childish and gaudy. With goth I haven't had many problems, I just received a few stupid comments, which isn't a lot considering I've been in the subculture for seven years. I guess goth is quite accepted by now, especially now that rock and goth are trendy, but lolita still has a long way to go :/

  2. Almost all of the bad reactions I've got in my life was in high school, after that, people just stop caring. That or living in Montreal where in a metro wagon at least 4 peoples will have wildly coloured hair and facial piercing makes it a lot more ''acceptable''.

    Saw a girl with rainbow mohawk this morning on my way to work. :)

    1. That's awesome. That's the one thing I do miss about Montreal. People looked damn awesome.

  3. I think it's really nice that most people react so nicely to the way you dress :3 Around here people usually just stare and occasionally they'll stare, whisper, point and stare again xD People usually don't have the guts to say something mean loud enough for me to hear it.