Saturday, February 9, 2013

An outfit for chillaxing

So on Friday, after my super easy Astronomy test, I hung out with my friend Katie. We checked out this thrift/consignment shop really close to campus and then she bought me lunch at Pacific Wok. Woot!

Anyways, I'm really impressed by the selection at Threads (the shop, obviously) and seeing as they're hiring I might put in an application. If I'm going to work somewhere, I want to work somewhere fun and easy. The shop is small but very cozy and if I got a discount I would happily wear a lot of their clothing to work!

Then we hung around in Pacific Wok and ate teriyaki goodness afterwards, whilst talking about all sorts of things - like how silly hardcore gamers are and how irrational parents can be.


Leggings - DEB
Shorts - WetSeal
Sweater - JC Penny
Slippers - Walmart
Necklace - Ebay


  1. Replies
    1. We were mostly referring to our boyfriends, because Chris gets super irate at certain games and it turns out her dude is the same way.

      And there's also that tendency to pick up a new game as soon as it hits shelves so that makes it difficult to buy gifts for her guy, it seems.