Monday, January 14, 2013

"takko raisu" and the start of the semester!

So marks the beginning of spring semester 2013. Can you believe it's really 2013 now? We survived the apocalypse!

I only had one class today, which was very strange because the first day of the semester is usually the busiest, no? But just one class and that was Japanese (which I've had before) at 5 pm so I was free to do pretty much whatever I wanted most of the day.

Because I'm low on funds, I chose to head over to Biolife to pimp out some of my inner fluids and make some quick cash. So that was the earlier portion of my day.

Once back on campus for real, I decided to get some food but there was no more premade sushi in the marketplace! Whhaaa! And there was no one at the sushi bar either, so I couldn't order any. That was tragic. Instead I headed over to 6th Street Grill because I chat up the manager lady who's always there and she explained to me that everything was now made to order. Very different system but I was able to navigate it. Not sure how I feel about all of these new changes in the food system.

Can't even imagine what new crap Garvey has now.....

To make up for it, I decided to make some "taco rice" when I got home from class. Now this is a Japanese spin on traditional tacos and hails from Okinawa and I've made it before. But not here...where I don't have any taco seasoning.

I figured...what the heck, let's use some Asian spices. Just not the same. But here are some photographs documenting my cooking adventure regardless:

Prepare your food groups!

Sautee your beef (and onions). If you're vegan, you can totally do this with tofu!

Chop your veggies!

Dish out your rice!

Layer with beef! Or tofu!

Add your veggies!

Top with salsa and sour cream (f you have any. I don't!)


  1. That looks better than cafeteria food. And pink isn't exactly my favorite color, but I love your rice cooker.

    1. Thanks, I only got it because it's Hello Kitty and it's hard to find Hello Kitty appliances around here so I thought I would cash in on the novelty.

  2. That looks really good :3 I really need to improve my cooking skills ^^