Tuesday, January 8, 2013


For the past week and such, I've alternated between SUPER busy and SUPER blargh....but I need to get my shit together because classes start Monday. I've got Intro to Linguistics and Creative Writing, both of which I'm looking forward to. Also got Astronomy and Human Biology. Could be interesting. And finally, the second half of Japanese 101. I guess that would make it 102, then.

Already had a glance at what books I need. Pricey - even after checking around on Amazon and such. Might just say "fuck it" and buy 'em at the campus bookstore. At least that way I can charge my financial aid to it. Woot!

I'm heading back up to campus on Friday, which is good timing because we're gonna get some nasty snow/rain shit for the weekend. So on Saturday I'll snag my books and then go grocery shopping. I'm sort of on this soup and salad kick lately - with a bit of Asian cooking on the side. I've already lost some weight but not even to the point of being alarming. And I feel better when I put healthy stuff into my body. It'll be nice to get back into an exercise groove as well. 

Wanna know just how I'm certain this diet thing is going to be awesome? I managed to squeeze into that Moitie dress without constricting my breathing. I'm sure a compressing sports bra didn't hurt either, lol. But still. The only downside is that I'm WAY TOO TALL for that dress. Combined with the fact that it's a babydoll style, the back only jut barely covers my rear. Dafuq, right?

Luckily, I have a very nice and versatile black underskirt so I can totally make this work! 

I want to try dressing up more often this semester, so I'm lugging ALL my Lolita stuff back up to campus at the end of the week too. Wish me luck that doesn't go sour for various reasons.


  1. Creative Writing sounds like a very interesting subject *_* I wish I had it at my university! I took Linguistics though, and I think it was the subject I hated the most ''XD I loved the phonetics part, but I just couldn't get over with the x-bar schema, I couldn't see the point of doing that *_*''. I hope you'll like it more than I did XD

  2. Language and the inner workings of it really fascinate me so hopefully I'll enjoy it.