Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goth Challenge Week Three

20. How Satisfied I Am With My Current Wardrobe

I think there's a problem when you take a glance into your closet and all you can come up with is a "What am I going to wear now...?" Right now, my wardrobe is a hodge-podge of stuff and styles that, frankly, just don't match. I have a solid chunk of poofy Lolita things taking up one half and the rest is all a jumble of sheer black blouses, tank tops, jeans, maxi dresses, skirts, and socks that don't seem to go with any particular outfit. Nevermind that I seem to acquire new shoes regularly that I can't seem to make work with any one style or another. 

Finding an outfit for the day is a battle of wits, it seems. Okay, I can wear this top with this cardigan and oh dear, is it too cold for a skirt? Where are my jeans? Maybe leggings, but I don't have any in that color....No, but I really want to wear those boots too and this simply doesn't match and....

Do you see where I'm going? I used to love saying that my wardrobe was eclectic, but that's really just a fancy way of saying that absolutely nothing goes together and while some days that doesn't really bother me, lately it has. I want to be able to get up at 7:30 am and throw together a fabulous (but comfortable) outfit in less than fifteen. If most of my pieces simply don't work together, this is an impossibility. I'm really beginning to see the brilliance in owning all black, how simple that must be. But even those people will complain about their blacks clashing - this one has a red undertone and this one looks blue in the right light.....damn. 

So is it even possible to be really satisfied with the garments currently comprising your wardrobe? I'm not sure. I know that if I had the funds and the means, I would do a whole closet overhaul and I know exactly what sort of items I would add or make basic. 

1. Lots of black leggings, simple black skirts, and numerous black tank tops.

2. A variety of cardigans, some of that fit nicely over tanks and others that are roamy enough to slide over a blouse or long sleeves.

3. More socks.....and a bigger variety. 

4. Lots of long sleeved tops - it's pretty cold here in Minnesota on a regular basis. 

5. And then finally some accessories that go with everything I like and own - cameos, skull rings, ravens and owls, black feathers, tea party paraphernalia, and lace.


  1. I have your same problem, and I'm one of those people who only have black in their wardrobe.
    Thing is, whenever I try to leave goth aside for a moment and try for a new style, i.e. lolita, I find out that I only own random items with clashing colours and that I don't have matching shoes anyway. Yeah, my wardrobe is "eclectic", but the truth is I don't have enough items per style XD.
    And even when I say "screw that" and go for all black, the issues are:
    -I've already worn that sweater loads of times;
    -I can't wear two things with a crosses pattern together!;
    -this is nu goth, it can't go with proper goth stuff for god's sake;
    -is this too fancy to go to uni...?
    -... and so on (I could go on endlessly)

    1. Yeah....I hear ya! Especially about trying new styles. For that purpose alone, I'm on the lookout for a pair of boots in just the right shade of brown so I can actually wear some mori girl style outfits soon.

    2. Yeah, you're basically forced to go shopping! I always end up buying stuff I can't match with anything and then I have to buy other stuff to make an outfit around it. And then all those things only go with each other and when I decide to wear a new style I can only wear that outfit XD argh, I hate that! *first world problems* XD

  2. I have a similar problem; statement pieces. My wardrobe is composed almost in its integrity with statement pieces that should never be worn together.

  3. I pretty much have the same problem. I like so many different things that it's hard to have a complete wardrobe that I'm completely satisfied with.