Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goth Challenge Week One

 10. How I first found out about Goth fashion

I'm inclined to say I've always been into Goth fashion, but perhaps I didn't always know to call it Goth or what-have-you. From an early age I was very inspired by the characters in Tim Burton movies and as a child Edward Scissorhands was a fascinating display of pale skin, wild hair, and a black body suit. 

From the very beginning Beetlejuice was a hit for me. I loved Lydia's gelled to death spiky bangs and her large black sunhats. And black and white stripes will always have a place in my art. 

I suppose, even as a child I was drawn to more "gothy" things - a friend in elementary school had a pair of black witchy boots that I used to beg her to let me borrow. I wore my black swimsuit with all my skirts and dresses too, just to know I had something black underneath even though my mom insisted on dressing me in pink and purple as a child. She really didn't like those witch boots. 

It was't really until high school that I even discovered there was a whole coveted subculture based around darkness and good music. Enter the mallgoths and spooky kids. One of my best friends in high school was a proud Manson fan and regularly frequented Hot Topic. The term Goth got tossed around a lot back then and even though most of them didn't really know what it meant, I was intrigued and started digging deeper.

The few things I ever got from Hot Topic were some frilly skirts, lacy arm-warmers, and a mini top hat - so maybe I was predisposed towards Lolita before I even knew what that was too! 

I had a cyber Goth phase when I was still in Montreal - complete with monster Demonia boots and dreadfalls. 

That came and went pretty quickly but I do still miss the boots. Perhaps someday in the future I'll own another similar pair. Though probably not....

It's been the blogging sphere, a handful of wonderfully illustrated Goth books, and Lolita fashion that's really helped me come into my own - style wise. I look a lot different now than when I did back in high school with parachute bondage pants and black tank tops....


  1. Those Demonias are not bad at all, though :D!
    By the way, we all started with black bondage pants XD the most important thing is that at the time you felt confident in those clothes, and I bet you looked as good as you do now ;)

  2. Love the stripy dress. I bought a stripy dress the other day and I cannot wait to wear it.

    Much Love:


  3. That's quite a development you've made, style wise ^^