Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cooking Experiments! Azuki Paste

Azuki paste, commonly known simply as sweet red bean paste, is a staple in many Asian sweets, especially the Japanese daifuku, ice cream, and anpan. Since azuki paste is nigh impossible to find around here (and I have to travel into the cities to find an Asian grocer who stocks it) I decided to make my own. You can easily buy small red beans here in bags, so that's what I did. 

The recipe I followed (mostly) is this one: click me!

First you need to soak the beans. Dry beans are super hard and take FOREVER and a day to cook up, so I recommend three hours at least and one full night at best. Since I was a little pressed for time, I only soaked mine for three hours. 

I wrote the recipe down so I wouldn't forget what to do! Now I can take this with me to campus and have it on hand if I want to make more at some time! 

Heat the sucker up!

Get those beans boiling. I let that go for about five-ten minutes before lowering the heat.

Then cover and simmer for about an hour and a half. If you didn't soak your beans long enough, this part will take even longer! 

Once most of the water simmers away, this is what it looks like. Cooked beans. 

Then its time to add your sugar. I put in one cup, to make it sweet enough, since I'm using this for anpan later. 

Stir gently and simmer to desired consistency. It WILL thicken once it cools though, so don't worry if it still looks a bit runny.

The finished product! It has a glossy sheen to it, that's normal. But it's really think and chunky, exactly how I wanted it! Yay!

Job well done, Kayla. Well done!


  1. I've always wondered what anpans and azuki paste tasted like! I've found them in almost every manga I've read, but I could never find them even in Japanese restaurants (I guess that's because it's used for snacks, mostly).
    It looks very tasty, by the way <3

  2. Yeah, they are typically snack food items. Some Japanese restaurants here have served red bean ice cream though!

    I like this type of snack because it's sweet but not overly sweet. It's very nice to enjoy with a cup of green tea. You should try making some!

  3. Can i have some?
    ... just kidding. Looks good though. Azuki paste with mochi is good too. I binged on that during New Year's. xD

  4. Mochi is next on my list to make if I can find rice flour around here anywhere. Hmmm....^_^