Monday, January 7, 2013

A Late Holiday Haul

This is quite late in coming, I realize but I haven't really had the time nor motivation to blog about much of anything. That, and after the holidays things got a little hazy. I'm not actually sure what I did this past week, except for a lot of sleeping. And I'm still not quite out of my funk. But without further ado:

A necklace/earring set from the boy's brother's wife, Becky.

A headband/bracelet set from the boy's Mom.

An artsy mug with English Breakfast Tea and goodies.

Hello Kitty pj pants, too short. Will need alteration!

Converse knee-high socks. Also came in black.

A damask print apron. One of my favorite gifts.

And last, but not least!

An original set of Beetlejuice, the animated series, collector cards. All 100 cards plus 20 glow in the dark stickers.

This one made me so happy~! Thanks Mom!

Two outfits for around New Years. No pettis and I'm not calling it Lolita, either. ^_~


  1. Love the converse high socks! I have converse socks too, I love them.

    Much Love:


    1. They're so fun, aren't they? I can't wait to start wearing them with some of my more "punk" outfits!

  2. Lovely gifts :) the apron is so pretty! And tea is one of the best gifts one can ever receive *_*
    I like your outfits, they look quite lolita to me even if you're not wearing a petticoat. The first one in particular is quite nice - I love your socks :D grey and black is an amazing colours match.

    1. The apron really is darling, isn't it? I think I should bake something soon and wear it!