Friday, December 14, 2012

Inspiring People: Youtube Edition!

I'm not an incredibly unique person, I'll admit that. I'm inspired by a lot of different things and a lot of different people. Over the years and more so recently I've come across some really fantastic bloggers and Youtubers that have inspired me to become more myself or to push my limits and here are some of them:

1. KazlovesBats

Allison is a wonderful Goth blogger from Germany who just so happens to have a very interesting and Gothy-infused Youtube channel. She covers such things as dealing with people who don't like you dressing Goth to how to tease your hair just right. She's friendly, ramble-y, and very intelligent!

2. TheAlternativeDrug

A v-logger from the UK, she is a fabulous example of alternative culture and cute as a button. She doesn't have many uploads yet, but I'm looking forward to more from her. My favorite video thus far is the one where she talks about misconceptions surrounding alternative cultures. 

3. Kill Natalie

This girl is so cute and so smart, and she's also a college student like myself so it's easy to relate to her. She has a ton of videos that cover a wide range of topics, from Goth makeup to Goth music to playing the pan flute. 

4. BrokenAspirations

She's beautiful, sweet, and has gorgeous hair. 

5. Lindsey Stirling

Her music is fantastic and she can do things with a violin that no one has ever really attempted before. She's broken through all the molds of what a violin player should be and transcended to something higher and more wonderful. Honestly, she makes me want to realize my childhood dream of playing the violin. <3

6. Meaphe

This is a young woman teaching as an ALT in Sano, Japan. Her story is very inspiring and she puts up a new video almost every day. If you go back to the very beginning and watch them all (which I did) and the see where she is now, it's very impressive. She really inspires me to hang in there and go after my dream. If she can be happy in Japan, so can I one day.

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  1. I love the first four youtube bloggers! They are amazing! Il check out the other two as well :)