Monday, November 26, 2012

Sailing Past The Holidays

In my haste to return home from the dastardly American holiday commonly known as Thanksgiving, I left my camera behind. Not that I took many photos to begin with, of course. Just a few outfit shots here and there. Even though I brought all of my Lolita clothing back to my mom's place, I only wore it one day. 

That's pathetic.

I did however, begin working on a new dress with some very flowery and decidedly summery fabric. It's a dusty pink color with a white and dark pink rose print. I'm making a shirred back dress - not necessarily Lolita, the aesthetic may actually end up being more Dolly Kei. And I'm happy with that.

I had three Thanksgiving dinners. Yes, three. One on Thursday with my immediate family (Mom, Joey, I and of course Chris), then one later that night with HIS family. And on Saturday my aunt held a dinner since during the actual holiday she was with her husband's family. So that's three large turkey based dinners.

I don't like turkey. I don't like the taste. I don't like the fact that there's a chemical in it that puts one to sleep. I'm not a fan of heaping piles of stuffing and mashed potatoes. I don't like my vegetables ruined with high-fat sauces. Overall, I'm not a Thanksgiving fan.

My diet took one look at all that food and positively CRINGED.

I used to enjoy all that stuff, possibly back when things were less stressful and I got along with everybody. Now these events are rife with the tension of ill-kept secrets and past betrayals. It's a flavor that will never leave our mouths, I think.

I also got up to 130 lbs on the scale over the weekend too. I haven't been that high in quite a while. I kind of wanted to cry. Or break things. I'm trying to LOSE weight and there I go gaining it over the weekend and such. 

I'm gonna have to take extra care to de-stress the next few weeks, too. I have three weeks of class left before final exams and I still have one ten-page paper to write (if the book I'm doing the paper on EVER arrives) plus I have to track down another book at the library that we're reading for English class this week. I need to do ALL of my Global Studies work yet, and get my presentation for Japanese class sorted out. 

Guh! Yes, I need to relax. Frequent baths are in order, as well as fancy homemade coffees, listening to soothing music, eating well, and lots of cardio to keep the stress weight off. 

Wish me luck, I'm gonna be very busy until the Solstice, probably. >_< Ugh!