Monday, November 5, 2012


I just committed a recent Facebook felony. I went through my friends list, and deleted everyone I don't like, don't talk to, or have no intention of letting back into my daily life. So many problems solved in one swift motion. 

I also deleted one of my blogs, as you might soon discovere. Daily Fashion is no more. I don't dress up and take photos often enough to make it worth the hassle, so it's gone.

I'm in a downright pissy mood though, so I won't type anymore for now. Updates to come later, maybe. If I fucking decide I care or not. T_T



  1. Good for you!
    I go through my friends list and delete people about every two months. If it wasn't for RP there would be about 50 persons in there, not over 200.

    And, yay, I made the cut.

  2. whoa, really? i did the same thing a few months ago. i called it the 'whateverbitch move', or w/e/b move, mainly because at the moment i was going through the list deleting people, i kept getting voices in my head yelling, "WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING, I THOUGHT WE WAS FRIENDS" and other choice words of the insulted, like i was under some obligation to keep them in the list for their sake, and all i could think or feel was 'whatever', even if i was kind of being a bitch.

    i just... didn't want to feel like a number on someone's list; they were rotting ties, suffocating. along with the weird emptiness after, there was... peace. and i hope you got the same. "so many problems solved in one swift motion" indeed. i feel like i can really relate with you. *offers high five*