Thursday, November 1, 2012

A lonely little Samhain...

Halloween proved to be an exciting and productive night for lots of people I know, but for me it was a quiet evening spent in my room with Twizzlers, a Starbucks Double Shot energy drink, and popcorn. I watched some b-rated vampire films and read some Beetlejuice fan-fiction whilst listening to Lindsey Stirling's awesome new album.

A lovely homage to both spooky Halloween tunes and Michael Jackson's Thriller, her new video for Moon Trance was really irresistible.

I also dressed up to take a Japanese exam too:

A vintage beige dress made of lace, a sheer lingerie over-coat with some vintage jewelry. I was decked out like a Victorian era ghost/zombie. For something whipped together in about 20 minutes...not too bad if I say so.

Also, as it is now officially November, Nanowrimo has begun and I think I'm going to take up the challenge for the first time ever. Granted...I'm not doing original fiction. I'm going to write a fan-fic. For the entire month of November. And it's going to be awesome. Just saying.

I'll post a link to the story, once I get a few chapters up and you can read it for yourself and see what you think. ^_^

Any other wordsmith's around here participating?.....

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  1. You look gorgeous! Like an early 20th century lady.