Monday, October 15, 2012

Splat! Purple Dye Review

I dyed my hair purple last year too. That was right before Halloween and I went crazy doing the bleaching and dying bit. In the end, I had to use two boxes of dye to get the level of purple I wanted and even then it barely held. I think my mistake was in dying right after bleaching and then not leaving the dye in long enough.

So over the weekend, I bought a box of this dye once again to give it another go. This time I did not bleach my hair but went straight to the dye itself. I applied it around 9 pm and slept with it in. I had a lot of success doing this with Raw and Manic Panic, so I tried the same technique here. The box said to leave the dye in for about 35 minutes....but I know better.



Can you see the gradient effect there? I reckon that's from having my hair tied up with the dye in it so the color became more concentrated there. But I rather like the effect. It looks cool in person. Last time I would have given Splat! a 2.5/5 and this time around (doing it my way!) I'm giving it 4/5. 

Depending on how fast it washes/fades out, I may go to Hot Topic and pick up one of their brands to try as well. Then I can make a comparison! Yay!


  1. I love splat, I had, well my friend Lucy had but, I did her hair, a great experience with their green. It took weeks to fade out!

  2. How does splat purple fade? I plan to bleach then dye like you did last time, so do you remember how it faded?

  3. It gradually faded into a fuschia pink color during the first couple of weeks then lightened out to a cotton candy pink almost.