Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Better Days

I've added a Halloween counter to my blog. I remember doing it last year as well, so I think it'll become an annual thing now.

Currently, I'm chilling in my room and watching Spirited Away now that I got my television set mostly sorted out. I just finished eating a beef stir-fry with rice that I whipped up fast and it was delicious. Now I'm contemplating dessert....I don't want to bake anything though.

I had a rather good day. Classes were fine, I visited Shadow (who nearly tore my arm off) and relaxed in my comfy new sweats and my Ouija board shirt. All in all, pretty good.

Tomorrow I'll be donating plasma again, so that'll bring in some more money. I have to add minutes to my phone since it runs out tomorrow. After that I can start saving up for groceries and whatnot....yup.

I'm going to make a VALIANT effort to get caught up and stay on top of my classwork. That will be a little bit less to worry about and then I can focus on making sure I don't drive myself crazy.

Even though I turned 25 yesterday, I really don't feel it. I guess age is just a number after all. I mean, most of the time I feel like I'm sixteen and still super naive and hopeful. Other times I feel ancient and that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket.

Since I really didn't get to do much for my actual birthday, the boy is taking me out to an Izakaya next weekend. So I can suck down some Japanese style booze and nom on takoyaki. That should more than make up for any unpleasantness incurred during the week and such.

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