Monday, October 1, 2012

a very un-merry birthday...

This was...ultimately not the best birthday weekend. Saturday kicked off with a dumb fight with my boyfriend, over mis-communication of many people's faults, primarily my own. It was the perfect ending to an otherwise tense and shitty week. Saturday basically left me feeling like I wanted to die. 

I did receive a lovely package though, from my beloved friend Eva. It was a canister of Pumpkin Chai tea and I'll tell you - it smells and tastes delicious. Although now I'm going to have to go in search of a mesh tea strainer/ball in order to make brewing said tea a little easier. 

She left me a cute little birthday card featuring her own adorable artwork and it was literally the only thing on Saturday that made me smile.

In the end, I did resolve the conflict with the boy and things became much less tense and angry. I still wasn't feeling any cheerier but I did my best to hide it, as I did all of Sunday as well. I even pulled myself together enough to help Mom paint the taller areas of the house and complete an online exam. 

I finally decided to bring my TV up to campus with me only to find out that either my TV is broken, the cables are bad, or there simply IS not viable cable in my bedroom. So I can't watch TV after all. I tried hooking up only the DVD player but that didn't work either so I'm concluding that my TV is just busted. 

Well shit. 

So here's my 25 birthday. I'm spending it by myself, in class or working on homework in my room, and actually wishing I could just sleep the whole thing off and forget it ever happened.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad birthday :(
    Perhaps this is one of those times to remember that a birthday is just a day really, and if it's not a good day that there are plenty of other days to come that will be better?