Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wild Weekend?

So this weekend, the boy and I went to the local Renaissance Festival. Much enjoyment was had and good food was eaten. I even got a souvenir. 

I took some video footage of the event, found here: Click Me!

The souvenir I received was actually purchased in my favorite Ren Fest shop, The Enchanted Hat. They sell, as you might guess, hats. Of all kinds. Plus parasols, kid's costumes, and lovely purses. Last year I got a darling purse. This year I got...

A gigantic Victorian tea hat. Oh, you know you're jealous.

Also, I fully intend to master the art of Beer Cheese soup. Because that shit was just awesome....


  1. Cool hat! I'm thinking of making one if I ever get the time. I really want to go to a Renaissance Fair, I don't think we have them very often in Australia.

  2. I've never been to a Renaissance Fair, they sound so fun! I love the hat too ^^