Monday, September 3, 2012

Ooooohhhh! ☠

Angry Chibi is Angry!

I am...a little upset. You see, I was gone for four days over the weekend. Just enjoying time at my mom's place, helping out with home renovations, and relaxing. In those four days, my roommates saw fit to dig around in MY drawers, dirty up MY dish towels, and push all MY food to the way back of the refrigerator. 

I'm a little upset. 

Something's gotta give here or I'm gonna go ape-shit on these bitches. 


  1. That is so annoying! Arggh! I would kill them and use their blood to decorate!

    I was watching a show the other day with a frustrating room mate, and I was wondering how you were going? I've never had to have a room mate, although my mum used to read my diary. I never liked the idea of sharing with strangers. I hope it gets better, and you can think of a nice but firm way to get them to stop. Some people have no idea of boundaries!

  2. Roommates are always a pain, there's no exceptions, even if there's some up side to your cohabitation there's always something freakishly annoying about them.

    I got a P-touch labeller for Christmas 2 years ago as a joke from one of my friends. I used it to pass a passive-aggressive message to my roommates by labelling everything fucking thing I owned in the apartment with my name in capital letters.

    It didn't work.