Monday, September 17, 2012

I've caught the death...

It started as a mildly irritating sore throat last Thursday. 

By Friday it had progressed to full on throat pain and the sniffles. It kept me bed ridden a good chunk of the day, with a side of nausea. That didn't stop me from traipsing about later at the mall with Katie, where I bought some nifty jewelry, some Halloween decor for the bedroom and found a top I REALLY want from Hot Topic. (of all places)

On Saturday my respiratory system was under complete attack. I had a hard time breathing, alternating between blowing my brains out my nostrils and having them so stuffed up nothing could penetrate, not even oxygen. I was also developing a dry cough by evening.

I still helped Mom outside with the siding and caulking in the back edge of our home. I also helped the boys prime a few of the new steps we're putting together out front. 

Sunday was more of the same, only more sneezing, more drippy nose attacks, and phlegmy coughing. I did not leave the house without a handkerchief. Today I've got a mild fever, a nasty cough, and I sneeze about five seconds. I feel miserable.

But I'm going to shoulder on as best I can. There's a lot to do this week and plenty more planned for the weekend. JP Network is doing a Twin Cities' trip on Saturday. I have volunteer hours (for realz now) on Friday, and depending on how well I feel I may skip over to the Lolita Apple-Picking Meet on Sunday with Tessa. We'll see.

So for now, I'm gonna eat up, have some booze, watch a movie and try to feel human again. Laterz 


  1. Feel better soon! Take care of yourself, drink peppermint tea with honey for the sore throat and have some chocolate for the endorphins.