Thursday, September 20, 2012

I gotz a letter!

I love getting snail mail. Like a legit letter and stuff. And I got one today! My friend Catie finally found some money for stamps and sent me a letter detailing how things are going for her in Seattle. I'm almost jealous of all the fun she's having, but soon enough I'll be just as busy. I've got volunteer stuff coming up, JP Network activities, and I'm thinking about joining an English conversation circle to help out people who are learning. Could be fun.

But anyways, a letter. ^_^ I wrote one back to her, complete with some awesome Japanese on it. I just have to affix a stamp and send it off. I love that we have an outgoing mail slot right here in the building. Makes it SOOOO EASSYYY to deal with mail.

If I sound a little loopy, it's because I am. I'm currently sipping away at a tequila-and-coke combo while I contemplate my educational situation here. I'm behind in a lot of work. I don't have the desire or motivation to really get started and make myself get caught up. I know I HAVE to do it,  but I just want to sleep for a century or two. I'm so mentally exhausted. All the time.

And it's only going to get worse. Problem is, I feel like I have no support network here anymore. I'd confide in my Depression Support Group peers, but there's so much drama going on with some of those people that I don't feel that I can really be myself and open up anymore.

So that's why I'm ranting here instead. Where very few people will see it and even less will care about it. Makes it a bit easier I think. Besides...this IS mostly a personal blog so I can say whatever I like, can't I?

I've also been really disappointed in myself with regards to dressing up. I mean, yeah, I do my normal crazy style pretty much everyday ( but I haven't even really looked at any of my Lolita stuff yet since coming up here. I even brought my damn petticoat, just in case!

I think I'll dress up on Sunday though. The whole shebang, with curled hair, makeup and everything. Even the petticoat! Might as well...not like I'm doing anything or really going anywhere.

I know I sound miserable here, but I'm really not. There's just a lot of up and down lately. Stress. Family issues. Friend drama. Stress. I'll get over it eventually and get myself back on track. Seriously.


  1. Tequila before noon? Naughty girl. :P

    I love getting letter too, I joined ''The Inkwell'' group on facebook, it's mostly people who followed Le Professeur Gothqiue. I think they might still be a spot available if you would like to join. :)

  2. Yay, you got my letter! Can't wait to get yours :) I love that we've got this pen pal thing going. It's always lovely getting snail mail, I always feel loved <3.
    I thought I was the only one that sipped adult beverages whilst engaged in academics! Hooray I'm not alone, haha!
    I'm sorry to hear about your support network not working out :/ I'm always open to Skyping or chatting on the phone, and I am a good listener. You take care of yourself, woman!