Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So I had a rather adventurous day. Here I was, sitting in the cafeteria, expecting nothing less than the same boring shit I do every single day, when a tattooed and pierced fellow wearing a waist coat (complete with pocket watch!) joins me at the table. 

We strike up an awkward conversation. I ask him general questions about school, where he's from, his tattoos....he makes assumptions about my personality based on how evasive I am in regards to answering personal questions. It's not an entirely unpleasant interaction, but I do find myself wondering why on earth it's taking place at all. 

It gets better. A lonely South Korean girl moves to seat herself at the table next to us. Alex (yes, this fellow has a name) invites her to sit with us. She agrees and another awkward conversation springs forth. She's been in the US for about two weeks, loves it here, doesn't miss her family or friends, and wants to study Psychology. Interesting. 

At this point, I've all but lost my appetite, not that I had much of one to begin with, so I'm sitting there thinking to myself..."I'm done eating. I should just pick up and walk away. That's the best plan of action." Instead, I find myself sitting there longer and then a new person is waved over.

Keeana (sp?) is a black girl with very straight hair and super long nails. She's in Alex's English class, the very same one I suffered through last semester. So it was a very crowded little table, with all of us there. South Korea had to leave for a class. Keeana had to leave also, with Alex. It was a nice cue to pack up and escape. I could have sat there longer...it's not like I had anywhere to be. 

But I walked with Alex towards the exit and he wanted my #. Lo and behold, my phone was not working and thus I did not have a valid # to give him. So he told me which hall he was staying in (Stearns, 2nd floor, room 224) and that I should visit him. Excuse me while I snort in a very unladylike manner. 

Not likely to happen. I don't just waltz in on strange men's residencies willy-nilly. It just isn't done in the scheme of Kayla. 

I ran into him again later today while waiting for a class to start. I met two of his friends also, one of which invited me to "tea" and gave me her #. Overall...today was rife with bizarre social encounters.

But...like I said. It wasn't entirely unpleasant.

Have any of you had any such strange encounters with interesting individuals? Let me know in the comment section below!~


  1. maybe this is my extreme obsession with personality/psychology and unique individuals, but I am literally JEALOUS of your interesting day! Also probably because I am having trouble making friends in Seattle...

    1. Maybe you should take a page from this kid's book and start talking to literally everyone. All the time, lol.

      It seems to work for him after all.

  2. That doesn't seem strange to me at all. :3 They seem to me just to be being friendly.

    1. Friendly IS weird. Especially on this campus.

  3. That's awesome! Stuff like this never happens to me...

  4. This is awesome, just like out of a movie/ book where all the strange and interesting people randomly become friends even though they are all so different. now you have to form a band or something!

    Seriously, become friends with this guy, he sounds fun!