Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I experience a remarkable duality within myself. It seems to most commonly manifest within my fashion choices, but it really affects all aspects of my being. I feel like two people living in one body sometimes. Granted, there are more than two facets of my personality, but these two seem to stick out the most.

There is a side of me that is very assertive, feminist, and cunning. She values freedom, individuality, and expression. She listens to loud music, likes car explosions and actions, and cusses like a sailor. She also tends to prefer darker colors, ripped clothing, fishnets, stompy boots and so forth. 

There is another side that is very demure, feminine, and traditional. This side of me enjoys reading classic novels, drinking tea, baking, and crafty things. She feels comfortable in soft colors, lace and velvet, crochet, and faux fur. She is polite, well-mannered. and always willing to help someone out.

What you have here are very brief descriptions of my two most distinct selves. They are both a part of me and yet I sometimes have trouble reconciling them. I can't be one while also being the other - not often anyways. It's very rare that I'll cuss and sneer at someone whilst wearing a pink dress and white shawl. On the other hand, I tend not to bother being very social or helpful when in my darker form, I feel more naughty and selfish. 

I KNOW that people typically have many different faces, but do they often have faces that square off against each other like this? 

Are there any dualities you notice within yourself?


  1. That's very interesting, I'll respond to that tomorrow with a post since I feel like I might have lots to say on the subject. I'll link it back to your blog. :)

  2. Sometimes I feel like brighter colours, sometimes nothing but black. But I am kind of the other way. I feel like when I wear black and more alternative looking things, I am representing outsider culture, and I need to be ultra nice to everyone so as not to give it a bad reputation. So I smile, let people go in front of me when getting on and off trains, etc. I think dressing alternative actually makes me a nicer person :P

  3. Oh I think peoples behaviour is really interesting and love to study other people, but on the other hand I don't wan't to socialize. My temper is either very happy and cheerful or irritated. I can live with my duality, but I wonder if others can bare with it. ;). Im also very lazy or very diligent.

    Very interesting post indeed.

  4. I understand where you're coming from, I've always had a few different ways I'd like to be... or become. Then several different styles of clothing that on occasion embody them. Eventually I hope I'll just embrace the crazy differences and not worry about it so much... And I hope that comes soon! ;p

  5. Nothing wrong with that :) I think it is common to have several 'selves' with apparently very different tastes, as people are complex. I would actually be more concerned if you had a rigid one-thing-only approach to life.