Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All I Want Today

I'm so tired. I had a hard time falling asleep again last night. I'm pretty sure it was getting on about 4 am before I officially dozed off. That made morning classes hard....really hard. Afternoon dragged by. Didn't feel like sticking around for any meetings, like the Creative Writing Club.

I did dress up a bit though, though I've kicked off my boots and now removed the belt. I'm still pretty comfy though....

Yesterday I made spaghetti so now I've got some leftovers for a couple of days. I was never really one to indulge in leftover food, but I'm beginning to see the necessity now. I might make stir-fry next week, or cook up some steak pieces with rice.

*something invisible just ruffled my hair. roughly....*

I've been looking around online for cheap apartments near campus. I'm getting ideas for next year in case I find myself a job, so I can move myself off campus and take my feline companion with me. I'd like to have her live with me if possible.

So far I'm contemplating a studio/one bedroom deal a little ways off-campus but on the bus route. I would just need to make over $600 a month. Ouch....if that even feasible for a part-timer? I wouldn't know anymore.

If that's not an option, I'll find some decent roommates who are extremely cat friendly and split rent that way. I'm sure there will be plenty of people looking for apartment roomies come next year anyhow....I'll keep my eye open for that too.

Well I'm off to go make myself some tea and relax with a movie before crashing. I also need to practice my katakana for tomorrow's quiz. Laterz!

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  1. 600$ per month, well that's doable if you're willing to work like a crazy person I guess, but it does seem a bit expensive for a one bedroom apartment.