Wednesday, August 15, 2012

☠ Pastel Goth or Gothic Pastel? ♥

I'm not a Goth. Not entirely. Sure, Peter Murphy is one of my celebrity crushes, I adore anything Addam's Family related, and I aww and ooh over crushed velvet and black lace. 

But you know what? I really like pastel colors too. I like Halloween themed jewelry, whether spooky or adorable. I have a mild obsession with creepers and it's my dream to own several pairs one day. 

I often wear neutral colors and what is generally accepted as "mainstream" fashion. See previous posts, especially related to my boots challenge. I adore Gothic Lolita and half my closet is stuffed full of Bodyline, secondhand, and handmade Lolita items. 

I am clearly a very multifaceted human being. 

So I suppose that's what has been drawing me to this Pastel Goth movement as of late. I read a lot of articles, looked at lots of photos, and giggled about all the butt-hurt going on regarding this style, in and out of the Goth subculture.

I've always been very inspired by Harajuku and Japanese street fashion. I see a LOT of that influencing Pastel Goth, which is nice. I'm also seeing more traditionally Goth elements sneaking their way into this Pastel thing. Crosses, pentacles, Ankhs, even. Cats, skeleton tights, colorful bat and eyeball accessories.... etc.  

However....I've come to the conclusion that this style shouldn't be called Pastel Goth, because normally those wearing it have little to no connection to the original Goth subculture. Rather, I think it should be called Gothic Pastel. Because, frankly, it's pastel colors being worn in a dark, alternative, or even Gothic way. But it's not Goth, in and of itself. 

Similar to Gothic Lolita. It's Lolita, with Gothic elements. It's not called Lolita Goth for a reason, yes? 

Would I wear this style? 

No doubt. Because it combines my love of cute things, my appreciation for Harajuku street style, and my naturally spooky and morbid personality. 

However, this isn't the end-all-be-all of fashion for me. I'm NEVER giving up Lolita. I will never fully give up traditional Goth fashion either. This is just another addition to the many quirky looks I find complement who I am. 

And if anyone asks what I'm wearing on one of those particular days.... I'm calling it "Gothic Pastel".


  1. I love this look! I've seen it a lot on tumblr and i think it's cute and quirky, which i love! I'm thinking of incorporating a bit of it into my style. and as for light colours, love them. I love doing the kind of 'albino' outfit, with all white and cream and pastels, etc. I think freedom of style is important!

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