Friday, August 24, 2012

One Week Down...

Well...I survived my first week living in the dorm apartment. All my roommates have moved in finally, the kitchen looks quite a bit more used, and I'm finally comfortable with sleeping in my giant new bed.

I hung out with my friend Katie on Monday. We bummed around the city for a bit and hit up some craft and thrifty type stores. It was a fun outing, but I would have liked money for that venture. I found a LOT of cute Halloween decor at JoAnn Fabrics. Ohhhh! *Squee!*

I donated my plasma on both Tuesday and Thursday and used that money to pay for much needed items. Items like auctions I'd won on Ebay and couldn't pay right away and textbooks for classes. I'm all the way back down to $15 but it's still better than what I originally started off with. Which was....$0.

Today I bought a few more textbooks. I used my financial aid to pick up what I couldn't find cheap on Amazon, so now I'm pretty much set. Classes start next Monday and I'm ready for things to just get rolling. I honestly think if I wasn't on my medication I would have gone bat-shit crazy this week.

I'm...kind of lonely. I don't feel quite like I fit in here. I had the same feeling last year. I feel totally at home back in that small town my family lives in, even though I'm not really a small-town kind of girl. Still....this city just has a vibe that clashes with mine. St Cloud and I may never get along.

Luckily, I'm only here for school and then I'm NEVER GOING BACK!~

I mean it.

Chris is coming up tomorrow to spend the weekend with me. I'm really happy, since I haven't spoken with him much all week and I really miss snuggling and hanging out. And it's easier for him to stay here instead of my other dorm seeing as I have my own room and a much larger bed. <3

I put a video up of my first week here in the dorm. I took a little bit of video everyday to explain what I was up and how things were going. Find it on my channel if you're interested!

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