Saturday, August 18, 2012

Moving Day Shenanigans!

The most ridiculous thing happened. I took zero photos today. Plenty of video, which Youtube is currently whining and moaning about processing, but no photographs. 

I moved my stuff up into my new campus apartment today. Turns out I had a lot less stuff than I had anticipated. We managed to pack it all into the SUV the night before and were able to unload, take it upstairs, and deposit it in only a few trips. Impressive really.

The first thing I had to do was check-in with the residents on staff today. I filled out some forms, got my quality check papers (that I have to go over and say, yes this was scuffed, no that wasn't broken, etc) and then they gave me my keys. I have a "fob" which is a kind of electronic device that opens that door. It's all magnetic or something....very high tech. They're surprisingly easy to use.....

After I go into my bedroom and had a look around, I decided that the current layout was simply NOT maximizing space. So I moved the desk and bed. They're pretty much opposite what they originally were and I'm quite pleased with it. Even more so pleased with the amount of natural light my room gets. ^_^

Then we began moving stuff in. Once all the boxes and containers were haphazardly tossed into my bedroom, I began to put things away. I made my bed. I put all my bathroom stuff and toiletries in the bathroom. I hung up everything already attached to a hanger. I set up my lamp and alarm clock. 

So far, so good. It's looking fairly homey now. 

Then I meandered out to the kitchen and took stock of the pantry areas and cupboard space. I commandeered a small cupboard near the fridge, and the drawer right next to it for my cooking stuff. I shoved all my bake-ware into the cubby underneath the stove/oven. I also placed my rice cooker just above the sink. There's still PLENTY of space left for other people's items, so I'd better not get any complaints. :)

After I put everything away, we went to eat at Five Guys, which is the best burger joint in the world. Chris got some new shoes for work at Payless Shoes, and then we stopped at Savers (Largest Thrift Store Ever!) and I found a fry pan and a sauce pan with a lid for under $5. Score! 

Anyways...I didn't get any photos, but this link here SHOULD work once the video is done being processed. If not, I'll have to reupload. *sigh*

Cheerio then! 

p.s. The correct link is up now!


  1. How exciting! ^_^ I only have one more week before I move back onto campus, but I'm living in a dorm room, not an apartment.

  2. Make sure to give us a tour of your dorm room!