Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm melting! I'm melting! Oh what a world....

We're currently experiencing a heat wave. In fact, my entire state is under a heat advisory until Thursday. It's after 1 am and the temperature outside is still above 80 degrees F. That's ridiculous. It's going to be 101 tomorrow. Just in time for all the lovely Independence Day celebrations. Which I will NOT be attending, thank you very much.

I honestly don't understand how people down in Texas can survive (and even function) in temperatures like this on a regular basis. It makes me long for some place Siberia. I'd be totally fine with Siberia for a couple of days. The lack of high-speed internet might even force me to get some writing done.

Which I've been meaning to do lately. But with this awful heat and humidity I can honestly say I don't feel inclined to do much of anything except lie around all day and moan. It needs to cool off...and fast. I got some new Bodyline stuff and I'm not wearing it until its reasonable outside.

Speaking of Bodyline. I tried to order another parasol. Actually the same one from my last order that didn't show up. Well....they forgot it again. So I'm simply going to ask for a refund and scamper off over to Ebay to find something more....authentic. 

My new kitten, Shadow, is becoming quite well adjusted here. I'm rather happy about that. The first few days she hissed at everyone that wasn't me. Now she's happy to get attention and free to roam about the house most of the time. Sassy still doesn't appreciate that, but we're taking their introductions slowly. 

I've also come on here once more to scam my book around. I've only had two sales so far and I'm fairly certain I know who bought it. ^_^ My immense thanks to both of them, but I really want to share my work with more people. I'm selling it for $3.50, which I believe is reasonable and since Amazon only gives me 70% royalties I'm not actually making that much off each copy.

I want to sell but I have no idea where to market and who to market to? I mean, who reads this stuff right? 
Any advice would be much appreciated! 

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  1. About Bodyline; yeah, I have a few thing missing in action too. If you want to scream at them here's their phone number 8180-6211-8668.
    About the book;
    You could add a direct link to the book's Amazon page on your blog's layout or spam the Goth blogger group with it, I'm sure a few of them would like to read it too!
    You could also send a few copies to some more famous Bloggers in exchange for a review.
    And the temperature is about 104 here these days, thank the gods for AC (Or thank you Willis Haviland Carrier.)